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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Plans for Adopting a Pet

After reading about so many sad stories about animals having to be put down in SPCA and various other animal shelters, due to overpopulation and lack of adopters, I asked the children one day if they would like to have a pet dog.  Not now, but one day after we moved to a house.
Photo from: http://www.dailypuppy.com/puppies/phoebe-the-husky-mix_2009-10-05
Immediately here are the responses:
Yuan: Yes, please, can we adopt a husky?
Me:  There are no huskies in the SPCA, people don't throw away dogs like that.
Wei: Then what breeds are there?
Me:  No breeds, just mongrels.
Wei:  What are mongrels? Cross-breeds?
Me:  Yes, cross-breeds.
Wei: Then can we have a cross-breed between a husky and a golden retriever?
Me: There are no dogs like that.  Look, that dog on the street, that's a mongrel, the dogs are going to be like that.
Wei: Stupid!
Me: What?!
Wei:  I mean cute! (This boy twists his words very quickly).
Yuan: Yes, as long as we adopt a puppy, it will be cute.

I then went on to explain that having a dog is a life-long commitment, not just playing with it when it is a cute puppy and then when it grows up, it is no longer cute.  The children thought about that and is yet undecided if they can shoulder the responsibility to care for a pet.
Well, since we have a lot more time before we actually move house, we can still think about that.


  1. yes, looking at stray dogs and cats and how local council just collect and put them down and throw tehir body, makes me adopt that hyperactive cat. it is not a breed one, but he is indeed cute and is a good companion.
    but it is funny how fast wei cover the word. hahahaha

  2. Yes, seeing your Simon's pictures always make me laugh. But a dog is a much more energy-sapping pet....I don't want to end up being the pet-servant.