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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Visit to Petrosains

Today, J and I took the kids to Petrosains, where we met up with our friends, a family from Penang who were on vacation here.  They are also a couple who have 3 kids.  Although both J and I were busy with homework (a term that we used with our kids whenever we have to bring work home), we decided that we would still spend some quality time with kids and friends.
And I am so glad we did, we had lots of educational fun.
Baby Xin at the multi-mirrors
 If you are Malaysian, you must remember to bring Mykad to Petrosains because that offers significant discounts.
6-peg puzzle

I am also very proud of the fact that Wei managed to solve the 6-pegs puzzle in less than 2 minutes, he said it was easy because he was guided by the knight piece in chess.  In the puzzle above, you have to put the 6 pegs where they are not aligned with each other in any lines. 
After Petrosains, it was food at Madam Kwan's with a few hours of chatting.  What a lovely afternoon, even though when we got home, we had to continue with our "homework".

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