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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Eve of CNY 2012

Wah.... the past weeks have been crazy with preparation for the meetings and trainings at the company, and there was hardly anytime to organize shopping and home for the CNY.  Even this weekend, on the last 2 days before CNY, we were busy cleaning and packing things away for recycling, and went to Carrefour for some last minute shopping.  Last weekend, J took all the kids for their haircut.  Baby Xin came out looking like she had a coconut shell head ;-)
Baby Xin and her coconut haircut

J's CNY gift hamper for deco

Thankfully all our shopping and cleaning is done, as much as we could, and I even had time to put some CNY deco in place.
Reunion dinner is as usual, steamboat with seafood at home, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

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