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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Raya Haji Long Weekend

Long weekends - always fun and so much to accomplish.
5 Nov
Took Wei and Yuan to their dental appointment.  Wei had to have a retainer for his teeth, and today the dentist took a mould. Yuan had a regular checkup, only that it was her first time, she was so scared.  Luckily she didn't have to get anything done to her teeth.
When we got home, J, Baby Xin and I went out, house hunting, again.
This time it's a beautiful end-lot which was more expensive, but it was facing the T junction, so no go.
After viewing, we went home, and I sneaked out without the kids to take care of some tenant issue.
At 4pm we went to view the intermediate lot again, almost ready to make an offer but not quite.
At night, I had to attend a wedding dinner, and all the while I was thinking about the 2 houses, intermediate or endlot, cheaper or more expensive.  I told a friend about my unrest, and she reassured me, "If it's meant to be yours, it will be."

6 Nov
Sunday dawned bright, and J wanted to go to One Utama early to take care of some much needed shopping.
We had McDonalds for lunch, and Baby learnt to dip french fries in tomato sauce.

After shopping, we went to view another house,  this time it is even more beautiful than those that we have seen. We went home and I spent time poring over my Real Estate Negotiations book, hoping to negotiate a good deal out of it.

7 Nov
The kids and I went to a friend's house who was preparing a lunch dana.  Then we went to Mom's house to spend some time with her.
J then took the children shopping to get a pair of shoes for Wei.  When they came home, it was already evening.
In the evening, Baby Xin hurt her left hand fingers from pulling down a futsal goalpost.  We rushed her to the clinic, where the doctor said it was nothing serious.  Thank goodness, poor Baby was being very brave about it.
All ended well, except for the little scare at the end.  A great weekend, nonethless.

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