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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

iPad Camera Connection Kit for SD card

This is a technology post, because I would like to share my experience on what I happened when I tried to transfer photos from my laptop to  iPad via the camera connection kit (CCK).
Firstly, I transferred photos from my laptop to the SD card (in a named folder).  When I plugged in the CCK with the SD card into the iPad, nothing happened.  I checked the web and found that I must name the folder DCIM.  I did that, but my photos were all named according to the place and number.  Having plugged in again, I found that all the photos were not detected, except one.  Wondering what was so special about the lone photo, I discovered that that photo was named Picture7.
So 2 basic rules.  The folder must be named DCIM (which stands for digital camera images, I think) and the photos must be named Picture1, Picture2 , Picture3 and so on.  After changing all the picture names, finally they could be detected and imported on the 3rd attempt.

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