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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ben 10 Slippers

Last Sunday night we went to Tesco Village.  The main purpose was to get to Popular bookstore, but after we finished we decided to pick up a few things quickly from Tesco as well.
One of the things we wanted to buy was a pair of new slippers for Wei.  While Wei refused the plain asadi slippers, he doesn't mind Ben 10 slippers.

I was thinking in my heart: I always thought that Wei, my eldest son is so big, but he is actually still small.
He still wants Ben 10 slippers.  So I will gladly buy for him as long as he still wants them, and cherish his childhood.  Time would pass by and one day he won't want Ben 10 slippers anymore....
However, finally we got stuck at the Tesco queue for so long, we gave up.  I would have to go another day.

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