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Monday, March 21, 2011

When We Were Young, Everything Was Possible

Today I asked Wei if it is ok if I stopped working and stayed at home.
Below is the conversation that transpired:

Wei: "Why do you want to stop working, Mom?"
Me: "Because I don't feel good at work, I often get scolded."
Wei: "What are you going to do if you stopped?"
Me: "I will take a break, then maybe I will consider working again"
Wei: "Would you work at your company again?"
Me (puzzled): "Why do you want me to work at this company?"
Wei: "Because it is a good company, Mom."
Me (even more puzzled): "Why?"
Wei: "Because we got free flu injections."
Me: "Ah...I see. But what about the scolding?"
Wei: "It's ok, Mom, I often get scolded in school too. Never mind -la, just continue."

It made my week, the way Wei sees it.


  1. Hehe, tell you, I'm still working all becoz of the flu + many other jabs allowance for my baby! U are lucky to be able to claim those jabs charges which cost us a bomb! Scolding? Masuk telinga kiri, keluar telinga kanan :P

  2. Hi there, it's not really scolding, but high pressure to deliver sales. I didn't know how to explain pressure, so I said scolding. Pressure is still there but there are days when we carry our inner sunshine :-)