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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour 26 Mar 2011

On Saturday, the kids were very excited about Earth Hour.  Wei understood it as saving energy and not using anything powered electronically. 

So he switched off all the lights, and left only 2 small lamps on (for Grandpa to see where he was going, we wouldn't want Grandpa to trip in the dark).  Wei even wanted to switch off all the fans, eventually we left the fan running in the living room, where Grandpa and Grandma sat in the dark. Poor old dears do not understand why we had to turn off everything and they were not allowed to watch tv for an hour.

Wei, Yuan, Baby Xin, J and I sat at the balcony, because we wanted to enjoy the natural breeze.  It did not seem as if many people turned down the lights.  Wei had brilliant ideas of what to do in the dark -  we were paying "Snap" card game which we could barely make out the characters from the street lights outside.
These photos were taken with J's mobile phone, which had a flash function.

 Baby Xin also wanted to take part in the Snap games. All in all, it was an enjoyable hour until Baby Xin got sleepy and had to be put to bed.

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