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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Comedy Kao Kao at the Bee, Publika

One of my perks of working is getting to take part in company-organized events; this time with hubby in tow as one can pay for the spouse to attend.  This is because the event is a stand-up comedy, which both hubby and I enjoy very much.

Although we have never heard of Alex Calleja, we still decided to support the event.  It turned out that there were at 5 opening acts including the host Keren Bala Devan (who replaced Jason Leong and IS super funny), before Alex, who is the main act.
I must say all the comedians gave sterling performances, and they soon have us splitting our sides in laughter.  Credit must go to Alex Calleja, who is really, really FUNNY.  The term ROFL comes to mind here.

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