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Sunday, July 29, 2012

July posting before August comes

Whoa, I have left this blog space for far too long.  Here I will manage some quick posts before time flies away again, with "cheats" of backdated postings.
As usual I blame my heavy workload, but still no excuse, this is my gratitude diary and how can I have not been filling this up right?
So here's a quick post.  My dear hubby J, went to Sandakan with his mom and his 3 elderly aunties, to visit his cousin there.  So, left alone with 3 kids, I went to my mom's to spend a night.  And woke up in the morning to the kids requesting for an early morning playground session.
Here is Baby Xin in action (2.5 years old).

Baby Xin on the seesaw with Yuan, at Grandma's playground

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