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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

While we didn't do anything special for Mother's Day,  Wei and Yuan wanted to cheer up a normal day through a little activity.  They created a Mother's Day Treasure Hunt for me.

I was very gratified to see that Yuan had created all the clue rhymes where I am supposed to hunt for paper eggs, and Wei just helped with the sign and graphics.

The Clues
1. To start, find a room wher you bake tarts.
2. Find a place where families sit together, and turn on a machine that can tell you the weather.
3. Find a place where a blue sofa is there, it's very unusual, and the egg is just there.
4. Find a place where there's lots of toys, the room has three beds, but there's only one boy.
5. Find egg #4 underneath the toys

Egg # 4 says: Find a place where there is an X, it's nice over there and the....
underneath the toys there was another strip of paper that says .....comfort is max.

So the last clue was "Find a place where there is an X, it's nice over there and the comfort is max.

And at the head of my bed, there was a paper sign:  "Happy Mother's Day!."

My carnations which Yuan got from school

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