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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wesak 2011

Recurring events are those that really make me think, my children are growing year by year, and J and I are growing older (and stronger in our bond, I'd like to think!)

Today while driving to the Wesak day celebrations, Yuan asked J:
"Papa, this coming school holidays can you take us to Cameron Highlands?"
Ok, this took us by surprise as we have never spoken about Cameron Highlands before in our family conversations, where did that come from?
Yuan said: "I want to see Taman Ros, Taman Kaktus and Ladang Teh.  My teacher told me that all these things are in Cameron Highlands."
Wow, I think the BM teacher is doing a very good job in her lessons, inspiring interest and  recall like this.  
Later at the temple, we bought some flowers and Yuan wrote on the card all by herself:  "Our thankfulness to the Buddha for his teachings, Happy Wesak Day."
It made me think: the children are really growing up.  They make us proud.
Now we have to think about that driving trip to Cameron Highlands one of these days....


  1. pergi cameron highlands semasa hujung tahun atau januari biasanya cuaca sejuk sebab musim tengkujuh. besttt

  2. Wah, rainy season? Jalan licin? Tanah runtuh?
    Actually the thing I don't like about Cameron is the jalan berliku-liku, makes me get motion sickness.