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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding First Day Cover

While there is a lot of excitement and buzz about the royal wedding (William & Catherine of England), my interest is not in watching the wedding event.  Instead it is something to do with my hobby - stamp collection!
When NZ post sent an email notifying me of the royal wedding stamp issue, I was too busy to do anything about it.  Then just a few days ago, I finally got around to ordering it.  It is about NZ$5 for the first day cover.
Just after ordering it and checking the website again the next day, all the issues are sold out!  Wow, it made me so glad that I managed to get a copy.


  1. Very nice the first day cover!! I collect the stamps too) I wish I had the same first day cover at me))

  2. Thanks for dropping Larisa. I think you are a stamp collector too.